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面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇1

  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  No one can imagine what our life would be like if we ran out of water. Many people ignore the fact that they waste a lot of water in their daily life. For example, people tend to do something else while the tap is still on or even forget to turn off the tap after using it.

  Not until recently did people realize the serious water shortage. It is universally acknowledged that severe water pollution and waste result in water shortage. Therefore, it is high time that the public raised their awareness of saving water resources. In my opinion, we must take effective measures to deal with this problem. For one thing, population should be controlled and more sewage treatment facilities should be established to purify the polluted water. For another, it is our responsibility to develop a good habit to save water in our daily life.

  Let's work together to protect and save water resources!

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇2

  english is a useful language all over the world. why are we began to learn english when we were little children beacause it is very important for us to learn it.in the world, if you cannot speak english you will lose half a chance to success. i began to learn english when i was 8 years old.at that moment,i do not like english.i connot remember all the words which i have learnt.i think it is very difficult for me to learn it well.so i cannot read english loudly and i never answer the questions in the english classes.

  now, i like english very well and i still use the ways he tells me.i know i must learn english even hard.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇3

  That is why this summer, at the G20 conference, the United States and Japan were founding members of a bold, new initiative with the World Bank – the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative. This facility is the first of its kind to empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries. It will provide access to the capital, networks, and mentorship needed to thrive and will dramatically impact the ecosystem of women’s entrepreneurship globally.

  And we are just getting started!

  As we gather in Tokyo today, I can’t help but think of some of the great women pioneers in this country who have inspired our generation.

  Women like Yoshiko Shinohara

  She survived World War Two, started as a secretary and went on to open a small business in her one-bedroom apartment. Her company grew into a world renowned business in over a dozen countries. Today, as you all know, Yoshiko is Japan’s first female self-made billionaire. Now, she helps young people afford the education they need to pursue their dreams and contribute to society.

  Because of pioneers like Yoshiko, women in this country – and around the world – aspire to greater feats, climb to higher positions, and pave new pathways forward.

  Today, we are redefining success. We’re discarding the old formula of the ideal woman-the ideal worker -the ideal mother. We are helping to shape a more realistic and complete picture of what it is to be a woman who thrives – and who helps her business, community and family do the same.

  The fact is, ALL women are “working women.” Whether they make the commute to work each morning, or spend each day with their children at home, or some combination of both. Truth be told, on Sunday nights, after a messy and wonderful weekend with my children, I am far more exhausted than on Friday evenings, after a long week of work at the office. I deeply admire women who choose to work inside the home raising their children and respect this decision.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇4

  I can't even notice that the men's hands are still raised, and the women's hands are still raised, how good are we as managers of our companies and our organizations at seeing that the men are reaching for opportunitiesmore than women?" We've got to get women to sit at the table.Message number two: Make your partner a real partner. I've become convinced that we've made more progress in the workforce than we have in the home. The data shows this very clearly. If a woman and a man work full-time and have a child, the woman does twice the amount of housework the man does, and the woman does three times the amount of childcare the man does. So she's got three jobs or two jobs, and he's got one. Who do you think drops out when someone needs to be home more? The causes of this are really complicated, and I don't have time to go into them. And I don't think Sunday football-watching and general laziness is the cause.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇5

  The key point is honest: Saying is nothing. It's all about acting.

  In daily life, would you choose to play or to be cool, or choose to get things done? Choose to make things happen?

  He stated that people should self-recognize. What's your strengths and weaknesses? It's rational and need to be honest to self.

  You must be honest to yourself and find your automatic passion. So therefore, are you willing to sacrifice all these temptations to prevent you from practicing your arts., he said.

  It seems like he gambled everything he's having. The fact is that he calculated a lot, and sign a few contracts. It is to make sure his business can survive and feed him for half year.

  We need to be brave to create our own business, but we also need to prepare very well, and think rationally.

  Practice Makes Permanence

  Contract to "Practice makes perfect", he believes there is no prefection:

  You will only have a much higher probability not to mess things up, but there is no perfection.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇6

  my name is sherry. i'm from ohio. i'm a proud owner of a trucking company. second generation, woman-owned. our familybusiness is 50 years in the making. one of our challenges afterbecoming with one truck, now close to 100 drugs, and 150employees, some of our challenges are hiring qualified workforce. truck drivers and technicians, those are our challenges. finding skilled workers to fill those jobs, and the training they need, it is surprisingly difficult. do you have any thoughts on how we could solve this problem together as a nation to fill

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇7

  good afternoon. i'm the president and ceo of pda drywall. we are based in raleigh, north carolina. one of the biggest setbacks in the last 12 years has been tax regulations. as we are embarking on tax forms discussions, what are you going to do for small businesses to help change those regulations in favor of small businesses?

  many of the same things we have been discussing,comprehensive tax reform. mr. gary co. in the here has beenspearheading this charge at the white house. you can definitely pick his brain about tax reform. it is high on his mind these days.lowering the corporate rate, encouraging business to grow,encouraging businesses based here to stay here, bring theircapital back that has been trapped overseas will have anenormously positive impact within our country and free updollars that can be reinvested. in conjunction with regulatoryreform, we have come out of the gate swinging. it's a major focus. my father's particular sensitivity to this issue is havingbeen a successful person in business himself. he understands thelimitations, whether businesses he was looking to buy or grow, dealing with suppliers and smaller businesses that services companies. he very much understands how the regulatory environment, while important has grown to a place where it is the unintended consequences is stifling entrepreneurial spirit. we are going to bring that back. we have started doing it. tax reform is going to be incredibly important for every american. we are optimistic about those things. and continued progress.

  i would like to add, small businesses will say to me any tax reduction will be great. just let me know what it is. what is going to be my percentage. tell me what the rate is going to be so i can plan. without fail, every single one of those businesses tell me they will take that money and reinvest it in their business and hire more people. that will grow our economy. we will see that growth when we see tax rates go down. especially those in thellcs, all that money flows through. you know exactly how that works. we are working on it.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇8

  Thank you very much, Margaret, for that very generous introduction.

  First, let me say congratulations to our graduates. Welcome back to our alumni. Good afternoon to everyone – colleagues and friends, and family members, loved ones, and our most special guest – our eminent speaker. It’s a pleasure to address you this afternoon and to offer a few reflections as I approach the end of my first year as president.

  I realize, however, that I’m literally the last thing standing between you and the speech that you’ve all actually come here to hear. So, while I can’t promise to be mesmerizingly eloquent, I can at least promise to be mercifully brief.

  We gather this afternoon buoyed by the aspirations of our graduates – some 7,100 people who have distinguished themselves in nearly every field and every discipline imaginable. We welcome them into the venerable ranks of our alumni, and we send them forth into a world that is very much in need of both their minds and their hearts.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇9

  then others will look to you, not with pity but with HOPE, because your strength will become their HOPE, their strength.

  You really can be that powerful.

  You can ditch the victim story, you can leave the pain behind and FOCUS on how you will react next. How you will react positively.

  Read. Read all you can read to get your mind in a positive place.

  Take steps to ensure you will be in a better position next time – whatever pain you are suffering – how can you ensure it won’t show again – Take little steps… and soon you will be at the top of the stair case.

  Don’t give up

  You are worthy

  You are more than worthy!

  You deserve to experience how great life can be – and you owe it to the world to be that positive change for others. To inspire others – who will look to you and say – he did it, she did it, and I can do it too.

  Don't give up. You are worthy. You are MORE than worthy!

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇10

  You’re about to hear a fine student response at the end of today’s program. (I know that because I get a sneak peek at those remarks.) But I wish you could also have heard the two talks given at last December’s winter commencements.

  Jordan Cebulla told of being a poor student in high school here locally who almost abandoned any idea of higher education. But, told by a family friend that Lafayette is, quote, “a gritty town full of gritty people,” he gave Ivy Tech a try. And four years later, he is a Purdue alum. He told his classmates, “In the end, if we quit on ourselves, everyone else will quit on us, too.”

  In his response speech, Seon Shoopman confided that, out of sixteen schools he applied to, Purdue was the only one to admit him, provided he attend our summer boot camp. Three and a half years later, he, too, earned his Purdue degree, with honors, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. Seon said that, more than any other motive, he wanted to do it for the mother who had pushed him all the way. “When I wanted to quit, she told me not to. When I wanted to leave school, she told me not to. She told me to fight, be strong, and make something of myself.”

  Some in today’s world think they have discovered something new in the concept of “grit.” A Harvard Business School article just last fall was titled “Organizational Grit,” and reported that, quote, “High achievers have extraordinary stamina. ... When easier paths beckon, their commitment is steadfast. Grit predicts who will accomplish challenging goals.” So that’s why a Harvard MBA costs 200 grand.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇11

  I’ve never been able to shake the haunting feeling of this specific house call because of the significance it would take on later in my own life – and it reminds me, of course, that even doctors can meet the same inevitable fate of becoming patients.

  When I tried to tend to the diabetes my father developed later in life, I thought of that woman’s shaking, pale face.

  And when I looked at his limbs – a double amputee, and recognized he was in renal failure, I thought of how he fought for a life, when she could not fight for her own.

  And I thought of how in his twilight years, he was experiencing the same discomfort and dis-ease he had so seamlessly kept at bay for everyone else.

  But even so, I knew we were lucky, my family. We could afford my father’s insulin. We could afford to do what it took to take care of him.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇12

  And life as a disabled person is actually somewhat difficult. We do overcome some things. But the things that we're overcoming are not the things that you think they are. They are not things to do with our bodies. I use the term "disabled people" quite deliberately, because I subscribe to what's called the social model of disability, which tells us that we are more disabled by the society that we live in than by our bodies and our diagnoses. So I have lived in this body a long time. I'm quite fond of it. It does the things that I need it to do, and I've learned to use it to the best of its capacity just as you have, and that's the thing about those kids in those pictures as well. They're not doing anything out of the ordinary. They are just using their bodies to the best of their capacity. So is it really fair to objectify them in the way that we do, to share those images? People, when they say, "You're an inspiration," they mean it as a compliment. And I know why it happens. It's because of the lie, it's because we've been sold this lie that disability makes you exceptional. And it honestly doesn't.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇13

  i think one of the things i have been talking about, the mentorship, we have so many services. there is score, offices manned by retired executives, or executives lending their time to advise on business programs, web design, to kind of walk youthrough how you can expand and scale your business. small business development centers are also available. you can go to any of those district offices, 68 around the country. those areeven more bountiful in the district offices in every state. you cango to and look at the different modules. you can self-study. lots of tools are available.one of the things i got excited about in early discussionswith ms. mcmahon about the capacity of sba, most people think of it along the lines of capital. availability of capital, and how they can support businesses in that regard. these mentorship opportunities are very impactful. as i meet with entrepreneurs,consistently they talk about what is the biggest barriers to scaling a business is lack of mentorship opportunities. that is what made the difference in terms of execution on their ideas.first of all, congratulations on now being a small business owner and job creator. thank you for your service prior to that as a firefighter. my advice to you would be to look at the whole ecosystem as you think about how to start this business for thefirst time . listen to a lot of people, including people who say your ideas are bad. internalize that feedback. ultimately, i think that thinking through and bringing on partners, and people that can complement your skill set and help you to think about theexecution of your business plan is critical as you think aboutscale any meaningful way. in addition to utilizing resources,getting feedback, from people about the idea and the concept, think about how you can supplement your team to complement the skill set that you have.

  any other questions? ok.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇14

  Our societies are at a critical juncture – a moment of both great challenge and opportunity.

  Over the last half century, women have entered every imaginable field, reached the highest levels of management, and now are leading some of the largest companies in the world.

  We have discovered life-saving medical cures, traveled to space, and created transformative technologies. The women here today represent this historic achievement – and shine the light towards an even brighter future.

  Here in Japan, 4 decades ago, 45 percent of women worked outside the home. Today, 66 percent of working-age women are in the workforce – a significant improvement, and one I know will only continue to grow in great measure due to Prime Minister Abe’s vision for Japan.

  At the very heart of this vision is womenomics.

  Womenomics recognizes the centrality of women, who represent roughly half of our global population, in achieving true economic growth. Women who are empowered to work, to thrive, and to lead bring immense creativity, fresh perspective, and success to our economy – and to the world.

  When women work, it creates a unique multiplier effect. Women are more likely than men to hire other women, to give them access to capital, mentorship and networks. Women have been shown to reinvest 90 percent of their income in their homes and communities, and tend to allocate more of their funds to food, healthcare and education-resources that benefit children and improve our societies for generations. When women work, they not only support themselves, but they create a better future for their families and their communities.

  Currently, an estimated 49 percent of women across the world participate in the global workforce. If women close the gap with men in all aspects of work and society, it could add trillions of dollars to our annual global GDP over the next decade.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇15

  We also have another problem, which is that women face harder choices between professional success and personal fulfillment. A recent study in the U.S. showed that, of married senior managers, two-thirds of the married men had children and only one-third of the married women had children. A couple of years ago, I was in New York, and I was pitching a deal, and I was in one of those fancy New York private equity offices you can picture. And I'm in the meeting — it's about a three-hour meeting — and two hours in, there needs to be that bio break, and everyone stands up, and the partner running the meeting starts looking really embarrassed. And I realized he doesn't know where the women's room is in his office. So I start looking around for moving boxes, figuring they just moved in, but I don't see any. And so I said, "Did you just move into this office?" And he said, "No, we've been here about a year." And I said, "Are you telling me that I am the only woman to have pitched a deal in this office in a year?" And he looked at me, and he said, "Yeah. Or maybe you're the only one who had to go to the bathroom."So the question is, how are we going to fix this? How do we change these numbers at the top? How do we make this different?

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇16

  we should learn to stick to our life no matter how difficult the life is and we should learn to love others .it is the flim tellsx me .

  it is a story talks about a black girl named precious .precious isx fat and not beautiful. her bad temped mother never workx, always cheated others to relieve her ,and atex while watching tv all day.what is worse ,precious was only 16,but she had pregnant for twice .out of assumption ,her child is her farther

  a poet said “to see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour. several days ago, i had a chance to listen to a lecture. i learnt a lot there. id like to share it with all of you. lets show our right palms. we can see three lines that show how our love.career and life is. i have a short line of life. what about yours i wondered whether we could see our future in this way. well, lets make a fist. where is our future where is our love, career, and life tell me.yeah, it is in our hands. it is held in ourselves.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇17

  In September 1974, Kingman Brewster, then president of Yale, spoke to members of the Class of 1978, seated right where you are now. He told them, “Many of us have just been on a ten-year trip of moral outrage: anti-Wallace, anti-War, and anti-Watergate. We have been so sure about what we were against that we have almost forgotten how difficult it is to know what we are for and how to achieve it.”

  Does this sound familiar? Today, perhaps more than ever, it is easy to know what you’re against. And it’s far more difficult to say what you’re for.

  What we’re against is going to be different for each of us. Maybe you’re against border walls and I’m against guns; your neighbor is against trade wars and your cousin is against abortion. For some, capitalism is the problem, while others fear the specter of socialism. By this point, I bet all of you are against sitting in old buildings with no air conditioning, listening to a long speech! So, I’ll get to the point…

  How many of you have ever seen a Marx Brothers movie? [Right, pretty good.] So, although I’m not mistaken for Groucho Marx as often since I shaved my moustache, I…I still do…do have a weakness for his humor.

  And one of Groucho’s best performances, of course, is when he plays a college president. (It is a funny role!) So, in the opening scene of the movie Horse Feathers, Groucho, the new president of Huxley College, is told that the trustees have “a few suggestions” for him. Then he breaks into this song:

  “I don’t know what they have to say

  It makes no difference anyway

  Whatever it is, I’m against it

  No matter what it is or who commenced it

  I’m against it

  Your proposition may be good

  But let’s have one thing understood:

  Whatever it is, I’m against it.”

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇18

  i think my dad was a hero for me when i was a young child. wed go fishing, walks, and other fun things for a kid.

  every child has a good and great father, and so do i. my dad played a very important role in my daily life`````exactly speaking, in my past 16 years.

  my father always stands in the center of my life, from past till now and possibly in the future.

  my family was rather poor when i was in my childhood. we didnt have our own house and had to live in a shabby, small room rented from my fathers factory. the room was so small that there was little space for people to walk. i didnt have my own bed and had to sleep with my parents. this is terrible both for my parents and me.

  but father made this all different!he works very hard on his own business, now we have our own 2 housese,surly,i have my own room.and he take our family so much happiness, richer and richer.

  when i was little, i did everything with my dad. you could always find me sitting on his knee or walking and doing everything with him. every night he would read me a bed time story and make the voices of each character.

  i learnt a lot from my daddy. i learnt to never take things to seriously and to always smile.

  years pasted, my father is over 45 now. it is time for me to look after him and i am sure i will do and we will live an even better life. and i will say,i really love you dad,cause you are the hero in my mind.

  thank you so much!

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇19

  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you dramatically. I am not here to inspire you. I am here to tell you that we have been lied to about disability. Yeah, we've been sold the lie that disability is a Bad Thing, capital B, capital T. It's a bad thing, and to live with a disability makes you exceptional. It's not a bad thing, and it doesn't make you exceptional. And in the past few years, we've been able to propagate this lie even further via social media. You may have seen images like this one: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude." Or this one: "Your excuse is invalid." Indeed. Or this one: "Before you quit, try!" These are just a couple of examples, but there are a lot of these images out there. You know, you might have seen the one, the little girl with no hands drawing a picture with a pencil held in her mouth. You might have seen a child running on carbon fiber prosthetic legs. And these images, there are lots of them out there, they are what we call inspiration porn. (Laughter)

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇20

  i am from luoyang,a beautiful city in henan province. it is famous as the capital of nine dynasties and enjoy yhe honer that luoyang peony is the best in the world.

  luoyang played a very important role in chinese history. so it has a profound cultural background and many great heritagesites have been well reverved. such as longmen grotto, one of the three grottoes in china ang white horse temple, being regarded as the cradle of chnese buddhism.

  i like my hometown very much.

  ok, that is all,thank you for your attention.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇21

  Several months ago, the Trump Administration instructed the Department of Education to prioritize STEM education, especially computer science, in our schools. The guidance we offered directed that these programs be designed with gender and racial diversity in mind.

  At the direction of the President, I have worked closely with leadership across government Agencies to prioritize workforce development and proven on-the-job training programs like apprenticeships so that young women – and men – have more opportunities to earn while they learn, provide for their families, and master the skills that drive progress in the 21st century.

  Finally, we must empower women who live in countries that prevent them from leading.

  Across the world, there are still laws that stop women from fully participating in their nation’s economy.

  In some countries, women are not allowed to own property, travel freely, or work outside of the home without the consent of their husbands.

  Countries like the United States and Japan cannot be complacent. We must continue to champion reforms in our own countries while also empowering women in restricted economies.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇22

  i started a company called blueblood. this is for you. i created an online marketplace for professional truck drivers when they are in need of work to match with a motor carrier who needs a driver. we are just rolling out. my concern is the regulations. my concern is for all industries, what can we do with the regulationissued to help us through these phases?

  you heard the president when he started off. he has rolled back already so many regulations to make it possible to move forward. he was only less than a dozen days in office when the executive order stated for every new regulation you want tocreate you've got to get rid of 2. i think that is bringing down theregulatory environment. i feel -- i hear the same message when i'mtouring the country. i'm visiting every district office. there's 68 of them. i hold business roundtables. the regulatoryenvironment is clearly one that is crippling a lot of small businesses as well as large businesses. i believe that it is a trillion dollars a year a cost for all businesses to comply with regulations. that is a time of money. a little example, just now i was in portland and seattle, and alaska. then i came back tomilwaukee. when i was at a small brewery, the owner said theregulations that bothers him, let me give you one example. he saidi want to launch a new beer. we had the body in the formula. hesent in the label and it was kicked back. the label was wrong. we resubmitted. it kicked back again. i finally found out it was a,missing in the text on the label of the description of the product. we were delayed six months launching our product. you are a small business person trying to reclaim that six months.those regulations we don't need.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇23

  President Faust, members of the Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers, members of the faculty, proud parents, and, above all, graduates.

  The first thing I would like to say is ‘thank you.’ Not only has Harvard given me an extraordinary honour, but the weeks of fear and nausea I have endured at the thought of giving this commencement address have made me lose weight. A win-win situation! Now all I have to do is take deep breaths, squint at the red banners and convince myself that I am at the world’s largest Gryffindor reunion.

  Delivering a commencement address is a great responsibility; or so I thought until I cast my mind back to my own graduation. The commencement speaker that day was the distinguished British philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock. Reflecting on her speech has helped me enormously in writing this one, because it turns out that I can’t remember a single word she said. This liberating discovery enables me to proceed without any fear that I might inadvertently influence you to abandon promising careers in business, the law or politics for the giddy delights of becoming a gay wizard.

  You see? If all you remember in years to come is the ‘gay wizard’ joke, I’ve come out ahead of Baroness Mary Warnock. Achievable goals: the first step to self improvement.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇24

  Ivanka Trump Delivers Speech at Japan's World Assembly for Women

  Thank you very much Prime Minister Abe, for that kind introduction. And thank you for your gracious hospitality to my family.

  This is my first visit to Japan, and the warmth you have shown us, the beauty of your landscape, and the vibrancy of your culture are truly incredible gifts to all who come to this country. Yesterday evening, as I arrived in Tokyo, I was struck by the magnificence of the skyline – and this morning I was awed by the ancient beauty of the Imperial Palace. The wonders of this land are a testament to the creativity and resilience of the Japanese people.

  It is an honor to join you today at the World Assembly for Women. I am grateful to be with this exceptional and passionate group of leaders to discuss the economic empowerment of women, to celebrate the progress our societies have made, and to chart a bold course for the future.

  The economic empowerment of women has been a focus of mine for many years – ensuring that 50% of our population can fully participate in the workforce is critical to strengthening our communities and growing our prosperity.

  That is why after my father’s election, I decided to leave my businesses and work in government to advance policies and initiatives that empower women to fully participate in the economy, if they so choose. Policies that enable women to pursue their careers and care for their families, policies that focus on workforce development and skills training, and policies that fuel entrepreneurship so that Americans can turn their aspirations into their incredible legacy.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇25

  Actually, I have wracked my mind and heart for what I ought to say to you today. I have asked myself what I wish I had known at my own graduation, and what important lessons I have learned in the 21 years that have expired between that day and this.

  I have come up with two answers. On this wonderful day when we are gathered together to celebrate your academic success, I have decided to talk to you about the benefits of failure. And as you stand on the threshold of what is sometimes called ‘real life’, I want to extol the crucial importance of imagination.

  These may seem quixotic or paradoxical choices, but please bear with me.

  Looking back at the 21-year-old that I was at graduation, is a slightly uncomfortable experience for the 42-year-old that she has become. Half my lifetime ago, I was striking an uneasy balance between the ambition I had for myself, and what those closest to me expected of me.

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇26

  when we xfaced with the difficulty x,avoidingx is not a good way for us. it can not solve the problems.what we need to do is that analying the cause and trying to changed our place .so we should be brave and face the trap directly. the film also teachs us to love others.precious is someone who may exit near us .if precious own a good family and some friends,she may not fell so despaired. in spite of the development of our world ,there still many people suject misfortune.love and help can make them fell better ,so we should not scant our love .

  as what i said at the beginning, “we are reading the first verse of the first chapter of a book, whose pages are infinite”. the past has gone. nothing we do will change it. but the future is in front of us. believe that what we give to the world, the world will give to us. and from today on, lets be the owners of ourselves, and speak out “we are the world, we are the future.”

面试自我介绍英语演讲稿 篇27

  Now I know this feels really good to you to be here today and feels even better to me. And let me tell you why. May I tell you why? Because I got the mic. You know I’m going to do it anyway. It’s not only your graduation day, it’s Sunday.

  And Sundays have always been special in my family. Sundays are for speaking up – and for bringing people together. My grandfather, the late William Holmes Borders Sr., was the pastor at Wheat Street Baptist Church in Atlanta. Martin Luther King, Jr. attended many of his sermons – the very same sermons I loved as a girl, and the same sermons that encouraged me to be the person that I am today.

  And it’s not just any Sunday for me. It’s been forty years since I graduated from Duke. Can you believe – do I look like it’s been 40 years?

  So because it’s such a really special day, what I thought I would do is commemorate this day. Will you indulge me with a selfie? Come on now. Will you indulge me? Okay, here we go. You ready? Let me start with section one over here. You ready, section 1? Oh, wait. Okay. Love it! Section 2. Thank you! All right, let me get over here and get section 3. You’re ready? Let’s do this. Let’s do this. And then section 4, last but certainly not least. Perfect. Perfect. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  in a related german study, researchers used fmri imaging to measure brain activity before and after injecting botox to suppress smiling muscles. the finding supported darwins theory by showing that facial feedback modifies the neural processing of emotional content in the brain in a way that helps us feel better when we smile. smiling stimulates our brain reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate -- a well-regarded pleasure inducer -- cannot match.british researchers found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate. (laughter) wait. the same study found that smiling is as stimulating as receiving up to 16,000 pounds sterling in cash. thats like 25 grand a smile. its not bad. and think about it this way: 25,000 times 400 -- quite a few kids out there feel like mark zuckerberg every day.and, unlike lots of chocolate, lots of smiling can actually make you healthier. smiling can help reduce the level of stress-enhancing hormones like cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine, increase the level of mood-enhancing hormones like endorphin and reduce overall blood pressure.

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  My father values talent. He recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. He is colorblind and gender neutral. He hires the best person for the job, period.Words and promises, no matter visionary they sound will only get you so far. In our business, you’re not a builder, unless you’ve got a building to show for it, or in my father’s case, city skylines. Most people strive their entire lives to achieve greatsuccess in a single industry.My father has succeeded in many on the highest level and on a global scale. One of the reasons he has thrived as an entrepreneur is because he listens to everyone. Billionaire executives don’t usually ask the people doing the work for their opinion of the work. My father is an exception.

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  Good morning, my name Cindy, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today, eventually enroll in this prestigious university in september. now i will introduce myself briefly,I am 23 years old,born in province ,and i am curruently a senior student at beijing university.my major is.and I will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in june.in the past 4 years,i spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET6 with a ease. and i have acquired basic knowledge of packaging and publishing both in theory and in practice. besides, i have attend

  several packaging exhibition hold in Beijing, this is our advantage study here, I have taken a tour to some big factory and company. through these I have a deeply understanding of domestic packaging industry. compared to developed countries such as us, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1978,our packaging industry are still underdeveloped, mess, unstable, the situation of employees in this field are awkard. but I have full confidence in a bright future if only our economy can keep the growth pace still.

  I guess you maybe interested in the reason itch to law, and what is my plan during graduate study life,I would like to tell you that pursue law is one of my lifelong goal,I like my major packaging and I wont give up,if I can pursue my master degree here I will combine law with my former education.

  I will work hard in thesefields ,patent ,trademark, copyright, on the base of my years study in department of p&p, my character? i cannot describe it well, but i know I am optimistic and confident. sometimes i prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but I am not lonely, i like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything ,my favorite pastime is valleyball,playing cards or surf online. through college life,I learn how to balance between study and entertainment. by the way, I was a actor of our amazing drama club. i had a few glorious memory on stage. that is my pride.

  “Good morning, sir. My name is…”打招呼和过场基本是必须的。

  “I’m , I’m , and I’m very .”按照我们的传统思维,自我夸耀一番也是难以避免的。但是这真的好吗?

  如果说自我夸耀是正常的,那么就有99%的人在面试时这么做了。然而,那么多人都用一样的措辞自夸,真的会有积极的效果?就怕非但没有积极效果,反而让人觉得你很浮夸,尽说大话很不可靠。而且,老外们对此更加在意,一听到某些单词,说不定就触碰到“雷区”,马上say “Good bye”了。


  1. generous(宽宏大量的)


  2. humble(谦恭的)


  3. self-disciplined(严格自律的)


  4. passionate(充满激情的)


  5. witty(机智幽默的)


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  what that experience taught me wasn’t just that she was right – that adversity is a certainty – but the only person’s behavior that you can govern is your own. And just as importantly, what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

  I’m still standing. Somebody say amen.

  With my parents’ advice, I decided to be better...to work harder to overcome the preconceived notions and to prove I could not just perform at that school – but I could excel – at that school. And while my efforts may have been lost on my classmates, they were not lost on the Admissions Office here at Duke University.

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  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Eden, I'm 9 years old.Today, I'm going to tell you about my first special memory. It wasunforgettable, because it was my first flying on a plane.

  When I got on the huge, white thing with two big ‘fans’, I was so scared. I was thinking what if the big thing couldn’t balance itself? What if in the middle of the trip, the airplane ran out of oil? What if the airplane crashed onto the ground when it landed? I was scared that I would falldown and smash into pieces!

  Just then, the plane started to take off, and my ear started tohurt as well.So, I closed my eyes for a long long time. What a surprise! WhenI woke up, I didn't smash into pieces, and neither did I have an ear pain.Then, I looked outside the window. How amazing it was!

  The sun was orange, and all the cloud turning into golden color, just like the toasted marshmallows and chicken. I could still rememberthat they looked very tasty and inviting! Furthermore, there were the golden lions,dancing bears, and more, just like the cloud zoo! I couldn’t take my eyes offthose impressive views, but it was time to land.

  Never would I forget my first amazing flight, my first specialmemory! From then on, I was not afraid of flight any more, instead, I enjoyedhaving the trip in the sky. Thank you!

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  Who rrivd h plc ll blon o ysrdy. Evn if h mounins rn in h wr o show h wr in nlnss. Too dp linr bcm frs rip ovr no only hv wo f nd in h fuur.

  How cn you don' lik o sr? I is piy h hvn' sn on lofy mounins; S h lofy mounins nd hv no sn h s vs is sill piy; S h vsnss of h s hv nvr sn vs dsr sill sd; S h vs dsr hv no sn h mysry of fors or rr. Thr r lo of scnry in h world I hv no old.

  I know dshn is rocky h s wvs h dsr snd fors hv bs of pry. Evn so I sill lik i.

  Brk h pc of lif is nohr scn. Gld I hvn' old. Wh bou vn old no words clld hl nd hry?

  So I would lso lik o lrn from h mounin I lso wn o lrn from h brv I lso wn o lrn from h dsr I lso wn o lrn from h fors lr. I wn o lrn o s colorful lif.

  How fr on cn o? This is no o sk wo f bu sk mbiion; Mn cn climb much hihr? This hin is no o sk his hnds bu skd will. So I wn o us h youh blood ris lofy ols for yourslf. Is no only o win lorious bu lso in pursui of kind of s. Gols is lorious ol no lif will b bcus of h wind nd rin ll h wy wlk bcoms rich nd colorful; In my opinion his is no o lif.

  Ys I lik o sr I wish you lso lik i.

  In lif ofn hv numrous blow from ousid bu wh ffc will hs blows o you h finl sy in your hnds.

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  I applaud Prime Minister Abe for expanding paid family leave here in Japan, an important step in addressing the modern challenges of working families and maintaining women’s attachment to the workforce.

  This year, for the first time ever, the President’s Budget included a proposal to establish a nationwide paid family leave program. We know this will take time, but we are deeply committed to working with members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, to get it done and deliver more pro-family solutions to hardworking Americans.

  Third, in this age of rapid technology, we must also confront the challenges of workforce development.

  It is critical as we look toward the future, that we don’t allow women in the United States and around the world to be left behind by the 4th Industrial Revolution – a revolution that’s integrating robotics, computer programing, artificial intelligence, social media, and cutting-edge technologies into every aspect of our society.

  As technology transforms every industry, we must work to ensure that women have access to the same education and industry opportunities as men.

  Female and minority participation in STEM fields is moving in the wrong direction. Women today represent only 13 percent of engineers and 24 percent of Computer Science professionals, down from 35 percent in 1990. We must create equal participation in these traditionally male-dominated sectors of our economy, which are among the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in the world. Over the coming decades, technologies such as automation and robotics will transform the way we work, and we want to make sure that women can lead in the economy of the future. Otherwise, not only will we fail in closing the persistent gender wage gap, we will risk reversing the hard-fought progress we have made in this fight.